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Day Off

Apollo Gym
Heavy Lift

Practice / Skills Session @ Center Ice

Psychology & Goal Setting
Track work
Sprints / Conditioning in own city.

Player meetings

Russian Tarsov

Team Practice @ MSA 5:15-6:15

Video Analysis & Pre-scout
Team Practice 
@ Center Ice

Gym Sports

If away game charter to hotel

Game Day
Routine. Home Games @ MSA 4-7pm

Post Game
Meal & Video 
Game Day
Routine Home Game MSA 12:30-3:00

​If away game charter home

Monthly Team Buidling
T-Birds player profile. What we look for in a player.
A Competitive Family of Character Winners on and off the ice Every Day!

1.) CHARACTER - Respectful & coachable players that want to learn and work hard every day.
2.) ATTITUDE - Brings a daily positive energy and selflessly want's whats best for the team.
3.) LEADERSHIP - Being a winner every day on and off the ice that inspire others to join.
4.) GAME SENSE - Ability to play without the puck and react to game situations. 
5.) SKATING - Ability to powerfully skate at the speed of the Major Midget league.
6.) SKILL SET - Ability to make tape to tape passes, protect the puck and shoot under pressure.
7.) SIZE - Has the make up to physically compete and succeed at the MML level. 
8.) PARENTS - Supportive and encouraging parents who don't cause issues.
We know that the Thunderbirds will greatly benefit your hockey career and lead you into the WHL, BCHL, and NCAA 

The Thunderbirds have a professional program designed to develop your hockey skills, games sense, body strength, and overall fitness levels to be ready for your next step in your young hockey career. The Thunderbirds play in the very competitive Elite B.C. Major Midget league, which is where the 15-17 year old WHL and BCHL prospects play. 

Professional Coaching
Peter Hay and his professional and highly qualified and experienced staff will teach the players what it takes to advance to the next level by being a winner every day on and off the ice. 

Team Trainer
Alex Reid returns to the Thunderbirds program as our team trainer.  Injuries, equipment maintenance, and nutrition are components of a professional program that constantly need attention.  As a current UFV student, Alex is currently training in these specialized areas.

Professional Video Program
Players will be getting professional NHL format video coaching. For all players going ahead to higher levels they will need to be able to see themselves and be taught how to focus on the little things that make the big difference in a hockey career both individually and as a team.

Professional Training Program
The Thunderbirds will be responsible for making each player stronger, quicker, and explosive while maintaining their agility and finesse. Dryland will be located at Apollo Athletic Club.

Professional Travel arrangements
Professional eating, sleeping and travel arrangements make this hockey experience a first class option much like the WHL players. Players will eat in top end restaurants, sleep in excellent hotel accommodations, and travel on charter busses. 

WHL style practices
The Major Midget league is sponsored by the WHL who expect the players to be developing like a pro. All practices will be run like a WHL program with a balance of skills, team play tactics, position specific and intense battle and game play scenarios.

High Expectations while having FUN
The Thunderbirds believe in developing the entire athlete and not just their hockey skills. Players will work hard and be accountable to being their best they can be every day but coaches are also very interested in making this a Fun experience that players will really enjoy. We will intentionally include team bonding experiences and coachable moments to build good character into each player. 

WHL Season plan template
The Thunderbirds will be simulating many of the strategies that the WHL teams use to motivate, goal set, track nutrition, and mentally prepare. Knowing when to do what the players need to know and when they need to know it. 

Player meetings and communication
Much like the WHL teams, we will be setting time aside to meet with players individually to map out and set short and long-term goals. Every 8 games we will meet and discuss their goals, successes, and challenges to become the best player. These short term goal sessions equal long term success and build good habits by constantly reflecting on their game.

Career path council and promotion
The T-birds staff are dedicated and well connected to get each player to the next level while being in constant communication with the WHL, BCHL, and NCAA leagues. These players will be given plenty of opportunities to be recruited to advance their careers. Players will be taught and prepared what each level is best for them.

Affordable player fee for a professional program
Players will receive an incredible experience for the low cost of

$8900 approximately per player for the season. 
About the Thunderbirds program.
A week in the life of a T-Bird . . . Building a WHL Experience
T-Birds Home Rink. MSA Arena 2323 Emerson Dr. Abbotsford B.C.
T-Birds Practice & Dryland Complex - Center Ice / Apollo Athletic Club
Home of the Fraser Valley Thunderbirds 
of the BC Major Midget League "Road to the Telus Cup"
" A Competitive Family of Character Winners"